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    Where to hunt in iowa

    I would say right there is your answer. You have 8-10 landowners that allowed you to hunt last year. I’d be going back there and asking again. Hopefully you did something last year to show your appreciation for the permission so they remember when you come calling again?
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    Feeling optimistic

    Sounds like a full house! Are you gonna keep a pup from your breeding?
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    Favorite O/U 16 gauge?

    I agree completely. If this ends up being available let me know. Thinking it would be a good gift for my hunting buddy since he doesn’t have a 16, yet.
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    Concealed Carry (cc) - A Loaded Topic

    I always have in my vehicle but rarely do I carry on my person. I understand stuff can happen any where but where I live and travel I believe it to be very unlikely to need it on my person at all times. When I do happen to venture in to less desirable areas then I make sure it is on me. I do...
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    Walleye Fishing

    Heard the walleye fishing has been very good. Glad you had a good trip. Also great to hear your report about the birds. Hearing The same thing from my Contacts out there. Shaping up to be a great year I think.
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    Favorite O/U 16 gauge?

    Citori Lightning feather here. Like it a lot. Check out gun broker there are a couple of 16 ga options on there right now. Also do some checking for used stuff as there should be some deals out there if you look hard enough.
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    Brood counts

    We would never let the Brood counts determine if we were coming or not but always enjoyed seeing the numbers just to see how they compared to prior year. Also was always a sign that season was getting closer.
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    SD corn is 95% planted and 72% emerged which is outstanding. Beans and flowers ahead of last years pace and at or ahead of 5 year average so looking good there also. Things continue to point towards the possibility of a good year. Fingers crossed for good hatching weather. Haymaker - first hand...
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    Crop report shows 86% of the corn in the ground. Above the 5 year average and way ahead of last year. Fingers crossed for good weather and a good hatch.
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    Tri tronics 2 dog system

    Have a Flyway G3 with two EXP collars. All hold charge great and can get multiple days use out of all of them between charges. Comes with 3 charging bases for the collars and one for the transmitter. One of the collars has the Tracer add on which to be honest I have never used. Will come in a...
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    Just traveling back from SD. Been reflecting on the trip and already counting down the days to next year. Hunted north central part of the state and almost 100 percent of the corn is still standing and maybe half the flowers. The birds are using both a lot as has already been talked about. It...
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    Great day

    Sitting here watching the sun rise on a nice crisp 45 degree Saturday morning. I’ve written many times in the past about the youth hunt put on at one of the local hunt clubs. Getting ready to head that direction for another year of introducing youths to pheasant hunting. Funny how I hadn’t...
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    6 month old female field bred ESS

    Posting this to help a friend out. This female was owned by the same guy that originally had my new dog. He is not doing well battling cancer and the breeder took both dogs back to sell for the family. I bought the male and he still has the female if anyone is looking for a pup. She is dark...
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    New addition to the family - Bailey

    As many of you know I had to put Copper down while we were in SD this year. Had no plans to add a second dog right away as Boucher is just 4.5 years old. Sometimes though things just seem to happen. Buddy of mine got a text from the breeder that his dog came from and he had a couple older pups...
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    Good bye Copper

    Every dog owner knows eventually that day will come when it is time to make that final trip to the vet. Yesterday was that day for me and Copper. I have posted a lot of pics of him over his 14+ year life of chasing birds in 3 different states. Yesterday we had a banner morning dropping 6 birds...