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  • ya i am coming out that way nov 16-18 i got two new dogs and wanted to hunt your place as well hope to see you out there
    when would you like me to show how to dust some parrots in gods country where would you like my services lol where you want me!
    we are coming doug and me for sure i want you to come to beloit with us to we have some darn good hunting there to the old man can come to if he thinks he can keep up with us studs lol
    you alive or what you want big daddy show you how to smoke a pheasant?and have my limit by 9 say 10 to be sure?where you want daddy
    cool i cant wait i am already thinking about itstill want a 3fer lolcame so close last year if i dont get a job soon there aint going to enough money to even feed the quail buster lol
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