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    The End?

    Took a short drive last night and things didn't look as bleak out there as what I feared. Saw a few birds. Some spots in fields blown almost clean and cover not completely buried. It's not going to be easy but there will be some hunting to do.
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    Rainy Day Shotgun Under $500?

    Winchester SXP pump. Lighter than similar guns and a good choke tube system.
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    The End?

    We got about 15 or 16 where I am at. The only good thing was that it was relatively cold and it was not a real wet and heavy snow. The season was going better than I thought it would.
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    Killer traps

    Why would anyone set these at a public hunting area?
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    The stores look they they are going to have to expand their ammo departments. There is a lot on the shelves but they are still lacking in quite a few calibers and loads. I really haven't seen anything that I really looking for yet. I can see where there might be some good discounts on...
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    Leaving Dogs In Vehicle

    I have not heard of dogs being stolen from vehicles out in the field. I wonder if the motel would be cool with you leaving them there in their kennels? Maybe get one of those things that block the light from coming in the windshield and park facing east or SE. That would help give you a...
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    How Have You Been Doing So Far?

    I am kind of West/Central. Kind of a grind. A little spotty but there are birds out there. Usually get 1 or 2. Limits are rare. Probably a majority are old birds.
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    Pheasant Opener - Tomorrow

    An observation so far. A lot of the young of the year birds a quite young. Not a lot of color on them. You can find birds but not a lot to shoot at. It seems to be mature hens and real young birds out there.
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    Electronic Posting Effective 08-01-21

    They can still post with physical signs only. The deadline has passed for posting electronically so there won't be anymore added to that this year or overnight during the season. There is land posted electronically that has been unposted in past years...
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    Lemmon wildfire!!!

    It seems to be on satellite imagery. It is a long relatively narrow strip west of Lemmon. I doubt it would have much impact this year overall. Maybe some reduced numbers in small areas. It would be interesting to see what this looks like down the road when it grows back.
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    Last Day!

    It went down as a pretty good year. Bird numbers were up somewhat overall, but spotty. Some places had good numbers and some were down. Even if they were only a few miles apart. Hun numbers were up even though I only shot a couple. The annual late season trip to the "prime pheasant range"...
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    if you had $2500

    Same here. Got the 12 and would like to add a 20.
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    Could We Have More CRP in the near future?

    I have noticed there are a whole lot of large shiny new grain bins on the landscape out there. We appear to be overproducing and something fundamentally needs to change or will gov't keep on subsidizing overproduction. I still see cases around me of grassland being converted to crops.
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    I have been doing well this year with Federal Hi-Bird #5 1 1/4 oz @ 1330 12ga 2 3/4.
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    dog catches a pheasant

    My first GWP caught a rooster in springtime in an off-leash dog park on the north edge of the twin cities. It was raining and I had not seen one there before. It was a surprise. There was also a hen while I was hunting and one rooster that was just nicked in the wingtip. Evidence may have...