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    I have the Tri Star TT15 in 28 ga. Light , very nice wood and under 800. Extended chokes ,5 of them. Nice gun for the price point.
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    2022 Season In Pictures

    This was earlier in the season. My Dickinson Plantation 16 ga. Saw plenty of birds and had a great time in the plains.
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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    You said it was new, if so did you yake out bolt and wipe off all shipping grease? Listen , I know about the Benelli click , have had 2 Monty's, Legacy and now 2 M 2s. Always slam the head forward by pulling it all the way back and keep grease or thick oils off bolt heads and if you humt make...
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    What would you do?

    In a grocery store? Lol.
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    What would you do?

    No second chances on this. So if the farmer had seen him, and went to talk to him , and he said you gave him permission . The farmer could say that the last time he looked at the deed your name was'nt on it to give permission and would take it up with you. Not a good scenario. You would be...
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    Dog names and tributes

    All of mine have a law or outlaw theme. Ive had, Bandit, Judge ,Sherriff,Trigger, Train, Big nose Kate, Nelli, Pistol, Bullet, Maverick, Annie, Ranger, Josey, Clyde.Ive had a few.
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    Side by Sides

    First day in the northern praries. Dickinson Plantation 16 ga.
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    2022/2023 PHEASANT Hunting Videos

    Just a word of caution. Laying your gun on the ground with shells still in it could be very dangerous. I know becuse I did it once . Gun laying on ground , my dog retreived a bird and after he gives it to me he starts to go away and stepped on my trigger gaurd ,kmocking safety off and...
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    Looking into my first double gun!

    I have a Dickinson estate 28 ga and a Dickenson Plantation 16 ga. Very nice guns . Also have Fox Sterlingworths in 12 16 and 20 gauges. Really like those. All on gauge specific frames. As well as the Dickinson. Either guns are much nicer than CZ's , of which Ive had the Ringneck and Bob White...
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    For your health

    Sorry, Huntdreamer just saw where you replied to my post. I am heading to ND in a little over a month. My prostate cancer seems to be in check now. Hope it stays that way. Have a great season yourself!
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    Home Defense Ammo Advice

    Grain isnt as important as having a hollow point in my opinion. You want something that expands rapidly. Hope you never need it!
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    For your health

    Im 63 and a prostate cancer survivor. Had it 3 years ago. My psa is now so low, below 0.10. That it doesnt register on Labcorps testing. Get your psa but be sure to ask for the "free psa test" as well. Mine wasnt bad on psa ,4.5 but the free psa is what caught mine at an 8. Its supposed to be a...
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    Water retrieve on a rooster

    Forgot to say mine were all done by a Setter. Not usually known to like water but mine was determined to get it no matter where it was. He was an amzing dog. Sure do miss him!
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    Water retrieve on a rooster

    I have several too. And its great for the dog, not so much to carry in a vest 2 miles from truck and a cold ND wind blowing. Lol
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    I just bought the TT15 in 28 ga. Havent shot it yet but sure does feel good.