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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    Ken Corbet... golly. The gift that just keeps on giving...
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    The deer population is very high (more deer than ever before) in my part of southeast Kansas. I think 5 doe tags is a good number though. Most guys don’t end up filling them all anyhow.
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    Kansas season

    Sounds like you had a season to remember! Thanks for sharing.
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    Hays area??

    That’s a TON of hunting to not so much as see a bird. You need to change something about your approach, for sure.
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    Inside or outside

    As long as they have a good place to escape the elements, then no.
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    Headed That Way

    Good luck and be safe, friend!
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    Inside or outside

    My dogs have the whole back yard, and a well insulated dog house to sleep in when it’s cold. They hate being inside.
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    Took Grandpa's Shotgun For A Walk

    Can’t beat that!
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    Thanksgiving Day/Extended weekend hunting results

    2 & 1/2 hours is hardly enough to get the truck warmed up.
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    Kansas photos

    Great photos, thanks for sharing!
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    Noisy Roosters!!!

    I noticed that too. Crowing all over the place.
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    Covid-19 and hunting

    For me? Nothing. Not sure about the quarantine requirements for out of state hunters right now. I’m sure that others who know more than I will chime in shortly.
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    Irishwhistler passed...

    Sad to hear that. He was active on several of the forums I frequent.
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    Unfriendly Kansas. What's happened here?

    This couldn’t be further from the truth.
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    Best Labrador retriever breeder in Missouri

    I couldn’t be any happier with my two Double TT dogs. I highly recommend them!