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    Pheasant coloration

    Drove down the road by my place yesterday at the right time as I caught 3 roosters by surprise. They ducked down best they could in shallow grass/weeds instead of taking to flight or running off as they usually do. I went by fast enough so as to not push them off. On the return trip I drove...
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    farmers here are cutting hay as fast as possible to save what little there is from burning up. The fire department goes out at least 3 times a day for a prairie fire. CRP will be getting hit hard with emergency haying.......Hens walking with roosters in the fields at night without a brood in sight.
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    I haven't heard how they are. I live in SW so am familiar with this part of the state and I don't travel. I hope better than we are. Hope we aren't headed for another dirty 30's
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    A lot of haying being done here to save what they can. It looks like only 1/3-1/2 of normal production....Need some rain soon or it's toast for the crops. Its pretty yellow/brown looking far SW corner
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    CRP opened for haying.

    I saw a small broad yesterday.....hope there were more in the grass I didn't see otherwise a tiny one.
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    our part of the state finally got some cool 3 days of soft rain so should get us off to a good start..a little later than usual but we'll take it.
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    One of the driest I have ever seen. Dust from kids shoes playing outside looks like plaster when they come in. Went to farm and have had seeds planted for a month and they are just there waiting to be watered. You can kick dust clouds up just by walking the field....Had to wear coat and face...
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    Rooster and Hen ratios?

    from my observations it seems like if it gets lower than 1-3 the population suffers. At least at my farm it does. A few more roosters seem to help alert to predators and help scratch out the food the hens can't get to etc...if rooster numbers get too low the hens seem to leave my farm for more...
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    Lemmon wildfire!!!

    It's been the most open winter of my lifetime.....hence the dry grass/conditions for the wildfire. I don't think we have had more than 3 inches of snow combined for entire year and most of that was last Oct. so dry, the dust was thick in the air like the dust bowl days and that is without the...
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    Lemmon wildfire!!!

    For those of you who hunt around the Lemmon SD area a huge wildfire began yesterday and is still burning today consuming over 20,000 acres to date. Not sure what this will do to next year's population.
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    Today’s results

    It depends on what state you are in. In North Dakota it is illegal to hunt the ditches (roadway) when the land is posted on both sides
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    numbers up

    According to NDGF roadside report a nice increase for pheasants among other species for this year....not where 10 year averages are yet but building back towards it if we get just one more year of ideal weather we should get there.
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    ND Dry Spell

    no I won't plow under as there are some weeds etc. And I alternate plot locations year to year so next year this year's food plots will grow heavy weeds/sweet clover etc so I keep diversity on the farm that way......pays off as I usually have 100+ birds on 80 acres. For the first time I have...
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    Outlook from those on the ground

    Had some early moisture but pretty sparse from May on.....vegetation isn't as tall or heavy as normal but okay in places. Wish we could have had some June/July help.....
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    ND Dry Spell

    mine got hailed out and and what was left dried up, so nothing for food plots this year.