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  • headed back that way in 10 days; spend a week with my family around the Wildrose area, then a week in Dotyville. I used to drive back every other year for Deer Camp, but now I spend that time in Kansas chasing the birds - I miss Deer Camp a bunch, but it is sure a nice tradeoff
    Was looking at a Vizla for my next dog, but it turned out that I had to rescue a GSP, this will be his first year chasing them birds
    I just moved to Kewaskum so I know a couple bartenders but that about it. Saturday morning bloody and breakfast. Got to have it. I have been coming up here camping though since I was eight. Hwy 45 is four lanes unlit downtown. Hilltop laundry is still in the same place. It is bigger but not by as much as I would have thought. Don't think I could pack it up like that. Sounds like it worked for you so nice work. Do you ever make it back up this way for family?
    Nice to meet you Andrew my name is Brad. Jasper is my vizsla's name.
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