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    Ruffland Kennel

    George where are you at? that might make it easier and more cost-effective for someone to pick it up in person.
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    It is a real shame that pup won't get to grow up doing what he loves. But he sure is a cute booger. What kennel did he get him from? Why did he want a picardy?
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    What size shot???

    Where I hunt, every point it's 50/50 if it's going to be a covey or a pheasant. 6s are the only shot size I carry. I would use 5s before I would use 7.5s. I would only use those if I had forgot my shells at home and that was all I could buy. The reality of Math is, that when you shoot 5s at...
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    Headed to Kansas

    Salina has a Braums... getting ice cream there is a good idea on a hunt.
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    New forum software

    I really like the new forum system. Thanks for going to the work of updating it. I am sure it was a pain to do it.
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    Thinking at changing breeds

    Most of my buddies hunt over shorthairs. They all give me grief about my long haired dog, Ox the Setter. He gets some stickers and some cockleburrs but most of the time he has them all pulled out himself by the time we get home. The only real issue i have had with him and the long hair is 2...
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    Forum Upgrade

    its pretty fancy looking! Any new big features or just a cleaner nicer looking design?
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    One of my buddies is looking for a GSP litter in Kansas

    One of my hunting buddies is looking for a GSP litter this spring if you know of any let me know. Thanks.
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    We saw lots of pheasants in North Central Kansas!

    As guys always say. The birds were all just across the fence from WIHA....
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    Sweating the Opener

    Forecasted Highs for Saturday in the 70's!!!! that will be miserable. We wont be hunting long.
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    Beretta BL3 28ga

    I am selling my little 28ga Beretta:
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    Kansas Pheasant hunting T-shirt artwork idea

    I was messing around in Illustrator some on this wet cold weekend. I came up with some ideas for a pheasant hunting t-shirt design. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.
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    Anthony KS

    I have a friend with some CRP ground down by Anthony. We used to hunt it 15 years ago but my friend moved to Texas and we have not hunted it since. If any of you have hunted in that area this year would you PM me and let me know what kind of success you had. My friend is coming back up from...
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    Quail 8 Anyone going to this? I assume Prairie Drifter is probably a speaker there.
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    America the Beautiful- The Sandlot

    For those of us a certain age is here is no movie better than the Sandlot and there is nothing more America and 4th of July than this: ​​