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    What’s been going on?

    Were the conditions bad or was it the lack of birds
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    What’s been going on?

    I lived in Clinton County, I hunt a few counties around there. They definitely aren't common but I know where a few coveys are. I don't get up there this year but have a trip planned for next year. I usually go back and the first week of pheasant/quail season just wasn't able to work it out...
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    What’s been going on?

    I lived in SW Ohio you can still hunt then there. Good looking dog by the way.
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    What’s been going on?

    Nice! Not the easiest thing to do in Ohio. I found way more wild quail when I lived there than pheasants
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    What’s been going on?

    Released birds or wild?
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    Rainy Day Shotgun Under $500?

    I have a stoeger m3020 as a back up and would recommend. It's never let me down and fires even the cheapest shells just fine.
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    dog vest|Shopping|Smart|CatchAll|General|NAud|High|NMT&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhY-aBhCUARIsALNIC053W6EnP0IYZjgOPtBI7JIlED4dHhTnhjeicTGjx7Zcz9GbuWXLjyMaAlyGEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds this is Cabela's vest I had good luck with. Let us know...
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    dog vest

    I have their vest too and no complaints. I bought a browning branded one be careful with it. It tore the inside of my Shorthairs legs apart they were raw for weeks.
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    Semi auto or break action shotgun?

    I enjoy shooting both, and mix it up through out the season
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    Mixed bag.

    Looks like great hunt and good looking dogs. I want a Boykin since I hunted with one a friend has a few times last year. My Wife thinks two birddogs is enough right now though 🤣
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    Home Defense Ammo Advice

    They will probably send the IRS first 🙃
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    Women's Upland Pants

    My wife wears what ever blue jeans she wants and chaps. I got her the small short length ones from lion country supply
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    Home Defense Ammo Advice

    I shot a wild boar a few years ago with my 9mm and 125 grain zombie killer ammo. It wasn't a huge hog but both shots went clean through. So I think it would stop any man walking the earth haha
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    Weatherby Orion V. Franchi Instinct L or SL

    The weatherby is made in turkey I don't know if that matters to you or not. I have Yildiz Turkish O/U in 20 gauge and it's a light weight beater gun. Has always worked fine so I'm not bashing Turkish guns. I also have a Benelli 828U and you can tell it's a superior gun. The Franchi are also...
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    Hard mouth I have never tried one. But this is what I'm talking about