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    Anyone got some grouse/chickens tips?

    Hunted yesterday evening when we got here and this morning until it got too hot for the dogs (and us). So far no luck at all! We have seen a few but they get up so far out I'm still not even sure they are what we think they are lol! Anyone have an idea what we could try different? We've been...
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    Anyone got some grouse/chickens tips?

    We are leaving Missouri tommorow at 5am. Hopefully get a short hunt in tommorow, and coming home Monday. Maybe we will see you out there lol!
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    Anyone got some grouse/chickens tips?

    For some reason I haven't been getting the notifications. Thank you all for the advice! Just a few more days til we leave, excited is an understatement!!!
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    Anyone got some grouse/chickens tips?

    Me and a buddy are heading up from Missouri in a few weeks. Got 3 dogs. New to grouse/chickens but not to upland hunting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, we're trying hard to get the slam this year!
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    Spring River Quail Forever

    Good afternoon! I would like to let everyone in the Joplin, nesoho, Carthage, etc area know that we just started a local quail forever chapter. We are having another meeting coming up June 6th at 6:30pm at the USDA service center in Carthage. We will be discussing our first fundraising...
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    New guy from joplin mo

    Howdy guys! I'm from the Joplin mo area, actually down by diamond area. Anyways I grew up hunting Bob whites in southeast ks and a yearly trip to dodge city area to shoot some pheasants. Between college, work, married, kids, we'll just life in general I haven't been able to go in a while. Got...