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  • Man it's good to hear from you! I've been wondering about you guys. I've seen a few pics of the kids while checking my wife's FB page, but I don't get on there much. YES, we'd love to sit and BS for awhile. We're pretty busy with baseball, but I'm sure we can find a free evening somewhere on our calendar. Just let us know when.

    Take care,

    I live in Loveland, Co. I hunt out in Kansas with my brother and high school buddies, that live in Wichita now. My dog has Hillhaven lines and the stud I am breeding her to has Hillhaven Hustler 3 times and Trekker twice.Trekker was a heck of a dog! The stud is "Outlaw's Tall in the Saddle" aka Duke, from Outlaw Gundogs. His mom is Abbe Lanes Lakota. Her dad is Trekker. Dukes dad is Shooters Manny's Rising Son , and his grandad is Trekker. You can visit his ped on the website My dog's mom is " Saddle Up Odyssey Von Bess" and her mom was Rawides Jetta and dad Odyssey Kurrhaars V Riverwood who would be Hustlers grandson. She is expected to come into heat any day now. Where in Kansas do you head to? I go in Lane county. WE will have to meet up sometime for sure. Thanks, Chad
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