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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    I'm pretty sure 99% of us are hunting SD regardless of brood, crowing, or any other reports. That's because we know some amount of birds are always there and we cherish the privilege to hunt rather freely (compared to our European friends). It's about the ribbing from a missed shot, watching the...
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    First time to SD - lots of questions...

    and we think our ladiess bitch... Bottom line is there are too many hunters vs places to hunt - so only solution is to lighten up and appreciate we can still hunt. I'm worried those days are numbered with the 'progressive' nature of this world/country.
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    My 2-cents. Whether 1,2,3 birds per day per person really doesn't matter. I feel privileged given what does on elsewhere in this world, for the opportunity to own firearms which I can keep at my house and to have many options as to where to hunt - many here are trying their best to change that...
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    How-to Article

    Regarding the Augusta National reference...when I was young, flexible and strong hitting a 2 iron was nothing. I used to view the 50-60 yr golfers as really old and lame - and now I'm one of those guys. At least I have increased my pheasant wisdom over those years.
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    Habitat stamp Required

    That's why we come in to through the basement door with our latest purchases. And for many of us throw in a boat, electronics, trailer (can't be just any ole trailer), more rods/reels/tackle than we know what to do with, etc etc - there is no comparison to what the wife spends but we have to...
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    The best survey comes from this forum minus the intentional misinformation posted by a select few :mad:. Like most, I make the long trek to SD for the blessings this wonderful land has to offer - if only my wife would agree to move!!!
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    2015 Crowing Survey is up

    Can't believe I'm the first to post the 2015 crowing survey...I can't tell my wife as she doesn't understand this fever. Looks like the state will have a few more...
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    hip dysplasia

    My 7 year old springer has been diagnosed with moderate dysplasia with one hip and severe on other. Vet says her hunting days are over. My question is whether any of you have tried surgery for a dog of this age - my vet says for a younger dog she'd recommend it but no so for a 7 year old...
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    After 15 years now of traveling from Georgia to hunt western Kansas, and many viewings of this forum especially this time of year as the season approaches, I've taken the time to register and join the madness. I'm happy to be aboard.