After 15 years now of traveling from Georgia to hunt western Kansas, and many viewings of this forum especially this time of year as the season approaches, I've taken the time to register and join the madness. I'm happy to be aboard.


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Welcome to UPH! Sounds like you are ready to GO!!!!


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Welcome to UPH, we are just as happy to have you here.........Bob
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Upton O. Good

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New to the forum

A short note to introduce myself. I'm a lifelong bird hunter, grew up in eastern Washington chasing chukar, pheasants, and quail. I'm still chasing them, just a bit slower these days (and no chukar hunting; I got smarter).
welcome reply

Quail hound - I'm also partial to Springer-flushed birds. My dog Sally never stops!

Thanks for the warm welcome aboard guys. As I'm sure you can all relate, this time of year is tough as we wait for the opportunity to hunt birds in November.


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welcome to the site:thumbsup: