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    And the survey says ...

    Welcome to spin city…
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    Prairie Grouse, partridge, and other assorted upland birds

    Although pheasants are my favorite bird to hunt, for a eating quail and chukar are my favorites. Both white meat grass seed eating birds.
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    Steel Shot

    Also, if you’re new to shooting to steel, do not shoot steel through anything tighter than a modified choke. Steel doesn’t compress like lead going through the choke. Use tighter than Modified and you’re looking at a stuck choke tube or worse, a damaged barrel.
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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    @benelli-banger - Was this east river or west river? I’ve only seen 1 brood in west river this year but then again I’ve only seen a brood one other time in my life. For a couple years I would just stay off the upland hunting sites just before the season opener because anything less than stellar...
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    Bare shelves

    Was at the Cabela’s in Mitchell yesterday and they were pretty stocked with shotgun, pistol, and rifle ammo. The prices though…ouch.
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    For Sale - Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I (final price drop)

    Thanks Joel! It really is a gorgeous gun. My first O/U was a 686 Onyx, which I still have. It, like all my field guns, looks like its been through a war but it still gets used for dog games. :)
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    For Sale - Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I (final price drop)

    Bump for the new folks... For Sale: Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I over and under shotgun. $1900.00 $1750.00 $1650.00 shipped to your FFL or $1900.00 $1700.00 $1600.00 if face to face in the Pierre or Sioux Falls area. PM me on this site or email me at Beretta686forsale605(at)gee-mail(dot-com)...
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    favorite hunting shirt

    Second vote for the Gamehide shirts. Pretty indestructible for the price.
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    Browning Sweet 16

    @turkhntr16 - The Report/Like/Reply are automatically appended to every post. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a feature of the software that powers the forum. Congrats on the new shotgun!
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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    Not with a 28” barrel. Unless I missed one in which case I’d be grateful if you’d point me at it by IM.
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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    Thank you for the link. Yeah it’s a little nutty out there. Haven’t been in the market for a new gun in a couple years. I’ve been on a lot of sites and most of the guns y’all have suggested are out of stock. Everywhere. Buds, Cabelas/BP, Scheels, bare shelves for Benellis and Franchise with 28”...
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    Typical Winter Hunt

    No, it's an ATA Neo. I take a backup with me if I'm going out of state but I've gotten complacent. Aside from some FTEs it's been pretty solid but I've never used a semi before. We're not going to talk about how many roosters got away this season as I fumbled looking for the safety. :mad:
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    Typical Winter Hunt

    I've got out Saturday and Sunday last weekend for likely the last time this season. Generally I hunt on Saturdays and take care of regular adult life stuff on Sundays. I try to leave to catch the first hour of sunrise because I like watching all the wildlife that is out and about at that hour...
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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    I have lusted after a semiauto upland shotgun my whole life. Found a cheap one that I hunted with all season with the exception of the last hunt and loved it. Unfortunately it broke. So I would like to spend a little more than $250 on my next one. Sadly my budget maxes out at about $1,000...
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    if you had $2500

    Another vote for the 686. I love mine, they point very naturally for me. That said I hate the inertia firing pins and trying to get the pins to reset after a bad mount, but that is likely more an issue with my bad form rather than the gun.