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    What's the weather like where you are?

    Minus 28 northern South Dakota.
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    thank you for your kind words,

    thank you for your kind words,
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    Feral cats

    Apparently there are fair percentage of the participants on here that are not the type of people that I care to associate with. Up until now I thought the opposite There are some really fine folks here but I think I will take a break from this group for awhile and get some fresh air. Best of...
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    Feral cats

    The purpose of cats on this operation is to control mice and rats. There was a time when I did not have any cats, it was a disaster. I had to bring cats back on to the place. Keeping them locked in a building would defeat the purpose of having them. They need to be able to roam from building...
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    Feral cats

    I agree. If it is on my land it is at home. Not trying to upset anyone just want folks to respect what is mine.
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    Feral cats

    That is what I am saying if it is on my land don't shoot it, whatever it is.
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    Feral cats

    I am not sure if the cow offended them or not. They did not hang around to tell me about that. They may have been shooting at a cat and ended up shooting the cow. The point is if you are hunting pheasants shoot pheasants. As far as I know there is no season on cats and I don't believe that...
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    Feral cats

    I have seven cats that I feed everyday. none of them have collars. Two of them I can pet. They all were born here, I consider them mine. I have seen them a quarter mile from home. If they are mine and on my property they should be left alone just like my cattle should be.
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    Feral cats

    I agree that cats are effective hunters and there are wild cats that have no home. I assume that you are correct about public land. My concern is that there are folks that think they can shoot whatever offends them, this can become a property rights issue. I just don't want anyone to shoot...
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    Feral cats

    I assume the cats that you shoot are on your property. How do you know whether they are feral or cats doing their job of keeping the farm rodents under control.
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    12 ga. or 20 ga for pheasant?

    In my opinion the 16 was made for pheasants.
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    Opinions on January 2021 SD scouting hunt

    A very true statement. However when it is 25 degrees below zero with a 35 MPH wind and a couple of feet of snow covering food sources it takes on a little significance.
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    Prairie grass education

    Bob I will try to find something for you. The species you list is quite diverse. Switch grass is a valuable warm season grass where as kochia is a tough broad leaf weed.
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    Door knocking

    I used to do that. A bottle of wine here a chunk of cheese there I even had someone give me some wild rice. The I realized that I was going to have three kids in college at the same time. now that my kids are long out of college the revenue from hunting is financing more habitat. It helped...
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    Best breed for finding cripples

    Well for what it is worth, my Draht was the best at bringing birds to me that I had and that I have observed. His nose was amazing. having been in the business for 18 years I have had the pleasure of observing many breeds of dogs, Some very memorable. I think there are great retrievers in...