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  • Glad to see your name pop up again!!!! Getting ready for Birds?????? How is the dog doing??? Headed up for some Blue's and some gold prospecting this weekend!!!! Bleu
    My buddy has a small farm out near Imperial, NE that was willed to his wife. Nice little setup, 680 acres with a farmhouse, water well, and an 80 acre CRP section. The family has been in the area since way back when. The locals are good about letting us into their private sanctuaries. Wasn't able to get back into the farm much this year do to the weather, it is located a close to a mile from any county road.
    We have hit NE Colorado a few times, I grew up out there and know of a few places that still hold a bird or two..
    Three of us each have a GSP, although Towser, also known as the King, is being put down today. He made it to 14, but his hips are worn out, as well as his heart.. sad day, as we will miss him tremendously. He taught us the value of the pointer, compared to the Goldens that we had prior to his arrival. So, in his honor, we are heading out Sat..We plan on the 21 gun solute.
    Where have you been doing most of your hunting this year? Most of mine has been out in Kansas.
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