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    ~ Autumn Ritual ~

    Mike - Beautiful picture. Definitely suitable for framing.
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    Opening weekend...

    Interesting read --
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    Door knocking

    He actually rarely hunted with us as he couldn't walk thru the heavy grass, but would block and pick us up at the end of section, bring us back so we could hunt the other side back into the wind. He and his wife were a hoot - mid 70s. Went into a barn with him once and there set a big Harley...
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    Door knocking

    That brought a smile and memories -- 1. "Faulty math..." Freshman a couple years ago - 33 years later? Well written. Got to pay attention when A5 talks. 2. Similar experience -- First trip to SD 1996 - not doing much good on public so we started knocking on doors. Elderly man answers, I make our...
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    Question on an SD-1875 collar

    I've had 1875s for years. Have you replaced the contacts? I wouldn't think that connection wouId be bad but worth a try. Agree with 3goldens SD Customer Service has always worked with me on any issue.
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    From Keloland -- Interesting to read to comments especially the letter from SD Farm Bureau opposing the proposed changes to current regulations. I...
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    CRP released for haying

    Here is the link -- Quite a bit of Iowa and some Neb. Not much in SD.
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    How-to Article

    Would I buy it? Sadly, yes I'd buy it. Might even buy a couple extras to give to some of my hunting buddies. One in particular that always lets the bolt on his auto go about the time we step into the field. One of the reasons he should shoot an o/u. How much would I pay? That's classified...
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    SD Crop Report 8/24

    That's good news for us pheasant hunters, but more important, much more important, good news for the farmers working to make a living. Thanks for sharing Hockeybob.
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    Why full choke?

    Thanks for starting this discussion. Its brought back some really good memories that are somewhat on subject - shotgun chokes. When I started hunting rabbits and squirrels about age 12, my Uncle had a SXS I used but was only allowed to put in one shell. Don't know if I even understood then there...
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    My hunting friend who lives there sent me these pictures of spruce grouse. Season opened yesterday in Alaska. Its not pheasants, but we will be in SD first week of November. There is reason for optimism. Brit's name is Snowy.
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    SD Public Land Poll

    It varies somewhat year to year, but probably 50% of my hunting time is on public. Several of the private farms I have permission to hunt are smaller tracts, less than a quarter section typically, but generally produce more birds. Couple of them are less than 15 acres.
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    Hearing Protection

    Check out Soundgear. I have the Instant Fit. They seem to work well reducing gun noise and have just enough amplification so that I hear conversation and flushes better. They are also a PF partner. They are so small I worried about losing them but rigged a lanyard up that has worked so far.
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    Rules Changes
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    I like the idea of PF doing surveys.