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  • South of Julesburg and south of Haxtun. I will dig up the numbers. Hopefully they are still kickin' Rod Renquist has a bunch of crop ground w/ pivots, that will be tough unless they sneek out to get a bite of alfalfa .. Get in touch with the DWM for that area also, he gave me a name of a guy who was having deer problems, killing his trees by rubbing so much and he let me hunt also. Found a pig laying in a fence row of tumble weeds, finally found out who owned it and looked his name up in the phone book and he told me to have at it as well.
    Got all your contacts out there? I may have one or two if you need them! Let me know!!!!
    my lab usually makes the retrieves depending on if she feels comfortable hunting with the group sice she got shot 2 years ago she is kinda leary about who she hunts infrotntof and honestly I dont blame her one bit
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