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  • I plan on getting pics posted as soon as I can get a working camera.You know what I'm talking about? Yep got it home. Plan on getting hold of a couple of friends and go try it out.
    Maybe. It's a long story. I am recovering from leg surgery. I might be able to walk a couple of miles by November. I won't know until it healing happens. I did not have real good luck in Kansas, but I knew nothing about the state, nor anybody there. I am thinking about severl states. My wife enjoys the travel and camping and watching the dog. I am from Northern GA. I hunted at Cedar Bluff and at Meade State parks. How about you? Same questions?
    I should add in case it is not apparent that nothing is decided. I wish I knew more about Kansas because it is closer. Have a friend in Nebraska near Beatrice. I'm mostly dreaming right now. Have young setter that did good for me and was just started last year when there. I'd like to hook up with somebody in your state. It's a long expensive trip going blind! Bill
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