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  • Hey man, I am interested in the montefeltro. Can you send me some pics please. You can text them if you would like. 2707353543. My name isTaylor.
    I’m not sure if I’m messaging you exclusively or not, but I’m interested in the Benelli. Please send pictures to me.
    Cool! Only afford 1 trip to S D. Still going this year to Iowa, have crp ground in S E. part so I go to hang with neighbors.
    Hi Birddog,

    Live on Bunker Hill rd, west of rte 23. Make two trips a year to SD; used to go to Iowa until CRP came out there (about 15 yars ago, and it took 3 years for bird numbers to dwindle). There is no doubt all the CRP and other land converted to crop fields will have
    negative impact on numbers over the next few years. We did well last year, despite the large drop in #'s. We just had a litter of black lab pups, so two of them will make the trip with their mom (4 yrs old).
    Hi Birddog,
    I live close by, between harvard and Marengo. Been following this forum for a number of years, and been going to SD for around 12 yrs now.
    Thats what happens when you have three days off during the week and it's TOO DAMN COLD To hit the fields. Went to take the dogs out to the conservation area yester day dressed up like the pilsbury doughboy and they closed the place till spring...bastards!
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