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    Looking for Leads on where to Buy English Springer Pup

    Live in Anoka Minnesota Looking for leads on good english springer spaniel breeder.
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    Buying Land How To

    I have for years been interested in buying land in South Dakota for hunting. I just have never researched how it is done, what it involves etc. I think having a thread with how to go about finding land, how it is financed, etc would be great. So how do i go about finding pheasant land in...
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    Looking for a Great Springer Spaniel breeder

    I am looking at buying a springer started or pup. Please pm or reply to this message with any breeders, or stud dogs you recommend. Thanks Steve 763-232 9068
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    Corn harvest 2009

    Anyone shed any light on when they think the corn is going to be cut this year....seems like NONE of the corn has been cut yet and this is the 2nd weekend of the season.
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    looking for springer pup or started springer

    PM me.... Steve
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    Looking for springer pup or started springer

    Looking for springer pup or started dog....great pedigree, hunter, house dog call me or pm me steve 763 232 ---9068
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    Hello from BentBarrels

    Haven't posted in a few years. Use to be on the pheasantcountry board a lot a few years back. Live in Elk River Mn and hunt MN, iowa and south dakota! Good to be back!