Looking for a Great Springer Spaniel breeder


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I am looking at buying a springer started or pup. Please pm or reply to this message with any breeders, or stud dogs you recommend.

763-232 9068


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Springer pup

There is a guy in shallow water, ks. That has two springer pups left. Talked to him tonight. I have labs so i don't know much about springers but this guy hunts quite a bit. Saw one of his pups the other day and it was a good looking pup, but like i said, i know nothing about springers. You can call the guy at 620-872-2370 and ask him about them. .


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Give these guys a call www.roundlakekennels.com Great bloodlines on the dogs and great people running the place.

I purchased a springer from Thad and Jodi last year. All of their dogs spend time out in South Dakota guiding each year, about 3 months. I am very happy with my dog. On top of the hunting back ground Thad is always happy to answer my questions and give me training tips. Good people.


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Email blueriverkennel@gctel.com, and go check out the 40 year tradition of great gundogs and pedigree's second to none, free training for any pup and a guarentee in writing that matches any ones. Not to mention the great care in all the health screening done on the dogs. Along with tons of refrances and a hunt in the field you will be willing to wait.