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    Outstanding or crazy dog story's

    My French Pointer did something cool like that. Had three dogs hunting with us at the time, my pointer, vizsla and buddies GSP. Everybody hops out of truck to hunt a strip of grass. we were probably 50yds from where the grass started. Vizsla and GSP take off like bats out of hell, but my French...
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    Maybe the question should be why dos the USA buy oil from Russia and sells oil to places China, India, Netherlands, S. Korea? Why is it cheaper to buy oil from Russia, have it shipped from the Black Sea, across the Mediterranean, then the Atlantic Ocean than it is to send US oil from Beaumont...
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    Well, if you're not taking me hunting then...

    That possum is playing possum.
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    Grass Awn's - DEADLY for your dog

    Friend had one of his setters inhale an awn. Worked it's way into the dogs lung and eventually killed it. Took the dog to several vets and the Purdue Vet college. Nothing they could do. I had never heard of it before and have hunted for 5 decades. Thought maybe it was some ting from the...
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    What Pod Cast do you guys listen to?

    Joe Rogan The Art of Manliness Stuff You Should Know.
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    Ukraine-Russia war

    I'm guessing we will see more beans planted and less corn because of the unavailability of fertilizer and the planting costs for corn. Those sunk costs up front are a big risk. Having a bad year with fertilizer running around $250/ac and non-land prices to plant running over $650/ac for corn, i...
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    Wellington Type Boots
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    Outstanding or crazy dog story's

    Yes. My buddy and I were chuckling the whole way. we had hunted the place before and knew the birds were going to be in a certain patch of briars. Corn stubble right up to it. We figured birds were in stubble when dog went on point. But I told him I could tell she was pointing that bush. And she...
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    Outstanding or crazy dog story's

    My Weim made a point on a covey of quail that we measured at 124 yards away.
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    Dog's Name

    I have always tried to use one syllable names for dogs. Yelling out some long drawn out name like Pookie Belle just never did it for me or the dog.
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    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    Just finished season 11 - Russell Premium Bird shooters. New Obenhauf's Heavy Duty application this past weekend. There is one thing I do not like about them. The laces are stretchy. Going to have to see if my wife will approve the purchase of replacements.
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Oh boy! You are in for lots of activity! Ever had a vizsla before?
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    Grouse/Woodcock vs Pheasants

    I would hunt grouse 100% of the time if I could, but I can't. To me there is no more difficult bird to hunt, and no more difficult to actually put in the bag. And no better table fare than ruffed grouse, IMO. And i am talking about ruffed grouse not sharp tails or any other versions. I hunt...
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    Managing for Huns?

    For huns you need wheat and oat stubble and short grasses.