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  • Hi Richard, I to thought 2014 was a good year. Last year not so much. Like I said I don't put a lot of faith in the road survey's. What concerned me was the report I got from my friend who own's the farm we hunt on. Also I spoke to his daughter yesterday, and she said the same thing. She is a vet tech out there, and put's a lot of mile's on in the course of a week, but has seen very few bird's. It will be interesting to say the least. Good luck hunting, and if you get to Shawano look me up I own The Gentlemen's Quarter downtown. Best Regard's Jeff
    Sir, Not sure of the cabins type thing. I know there are some motels in the area that allow for pets during hunting season. I know there are cabins at Lake Hermin and Lake Madison, but I don't know if they have showers and stuff.
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