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Just curious, bell noise may make more noise, but do you believe that the wild pheasants don't hear you or the dog anyways. I use a bell so I can keep track of my dog. I think, in my opinion, there probably is no right or wrong only what works best for you.
You're right, it's about what works best for you. And yes, the birds eventually hear me & my dog. But I'd rather they don't hear me until I'm as close as possible...rather than 150 yards away. I hunt into the wind primarily to be stealthy. My dog will smell a bird regardless of which direction we're walking. In fact, there are times (very strong wind) when hunting WITH the wind can be advantageous because he doesn't smell them as soon as he might hunting into the wind.


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Strong opinions both ways. I prefer to be as quiet as possible. I have hunted some very thick tall stuff, including cattails where seeing a dog is almost impossible maybe the bell would help me "see" how far away my dog was. I might be inclined to try it under certain circumstances, but I think my buddies would steal the bell and throw it away. This is probably one of those questions that will never be answered. But it gives me something to think about in this off season. By the way I did get to the game farm last weekend and I practiced social distancing!


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My reply wasn't ment to be strong. Just my opinion. I use a bell, it works for me. Do want ever works for you. No worries.


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Pheasant hear the pickup pull up and stop long before a bell rings. I use a bell in high grass to for reference to the dog. No bell in stalks or trash pits.


I wonder if with some birds the bell acts the same as the hawk/falcon screech on some e-collars. Maybe it makes them hunker down or already stay on the ground longer instead of running and flushing out of range.


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I like using a bell , my pointer is dark liver color and I have a hard time seeing her in most cover. I started using a bell a couple years ago in Eastern Montana and those birds didn't seem to mind, we still shoot just as many with or with out I just have a hard time keeping track of my dog with out it now