WIHA confusion


I spent opening day southwest, and was confused to find that past years WIHA was still posted as WIHA, yet wasn't in the book or online. This was the case at multiple locations. Am I to assume that this many farmers are taking their crp out of WIHA, yet leaving it posted?


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I think the state does a fine job posting WHIA Land and recording on there map . There is no doubt that there is a deadline / for printing and some property's get missed . I would be positive that if a farmer didn't want hunting or wasn't getting paid for it , he would remove them himself .


One of the best WIHA places our group found was not marked on the map, got a huge covey and a couple dozen pheasants up on that piece of ground.


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It is my understanding that the signs are "gospel".

...that's why I carry a few with me! (KIDDING!)

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I hunted all week, for the first time ever, and used the map book and used the Ap that was posted on here. Only found 1 parcel that was marked on the app that was not marked in the book or with a sign.

I thought it was well organized. It is a great program.