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Wear sunscreen boys! Although they tell me the damage was probably done before i ever heard of sunscreen. Never once went into the sun for a tan or ever was in a tanning booth. But more days than most in the field and probably worse on the water


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Yikes, I hope that is not you Dude.
Yup, it's me. Dang thing was just a very small wart like thing, maybe a third the size of a pencil eraser. Then one day it grew. None of my friends or relatives even noticed it except my wife and daughter. Without their insistence and the fact that I have another friend who is stage 4 from the same thing I probably still wouldn't have gone to the doctor! Needless to say, I've learned a lot about it in the last few weeks.
Man that looks awful. I’m probably safe as we live in perpetual gray with a coastal climate.
I know. I have cousins who lived in the Aleutian Islands for years. I used to tell them that they looked like mushrooms when I saw them. Turns out the joke as on me!
Did they cut it out? Radiation? I have to go to dermatologist every 6 months. I have had skin cancer numerous times.
Yes, cut out then skin graft. Lymph Node cut out and sent for biopsy. Won't know much for a few days.
Dude, I wish you good luck. Hang in there. I know about waiting on results. I have had prostate cancer, and numerous skin cancers. Cancer got my Father and Sister.
The power of the sun is incredible, especially on the water during peak day times hours. I fish often in the summer time, and I'm acutely aware of these risks. I avoid midday if the sun it out and even in the morning or evening I wear shades, a hat, apply sunscreen, etc. Cloudy or rainy days are very much preferred. There's no doubt that a certain amount of vitamin D is very healthy but you have to limit harmful UV rays.