Snow Goose Hunting


Hello everyone

Wondering if there are any snow geese hunters on this forum?
I grew up in SD and now live in MN, and will be coming back Snow Goose hunting in a couple weeks.
Hoping the snow starts melting really soon. I hunt with 4-5 other people, but not really established to much yet.
Kind of new to it and it's a lot of fun. Drove down to Arkansas a few years ago, and have gone in SD the past 2 years.

I still have a lot of family back in SD, and we come to SD often to see family, pheasant hunt, etc.


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I havent done the snow goose hunting but somrmething on my bucket list. You go with an outfitter or diy?


Have a friend that has the decoys, Caller, etc that we just started hunting with last year in SD.
So just doing ourselves.


When I lived in Iowa, hunted snow's alot. Pretty exciting to see a flock of thousands coming in. My wife made goose stew, which was excellent. Good luck this season, my hunting days are over,ALAS.