Pheasant coloration


Drove down the road by my place yesterday at the right time as I caught 3 roosters by surprise. They ducked down best they could in shallow grass/weeds instead of

taking to flight or running off as they usually do. I went by fast enough so as to not push them off. On the return trip I drove a little slower hoping they would be used

to me by now and they popped up and started a slow walk away ,stopping every few feet to see if it was far enough away. I have seen some beautiful birds in my day

but one of the three was a sight to behold. Never have I seen such beautiful coloration.....He had shoulders of golden feathers turning to orange as they went

down...His breast feathers were also of a hue I hadn't seen before..The other two were nice but looked ugly in comparison to him. I hurried to get my camera out to

snap a picture but the moment had come for them to fly out of view. I hope to see him again on a return trip and will have camera ready in case. I would love to share

his picture with you as I think you will be as amazed as I was.
Sounds like two immature (this year’s hatch) roosters hanging out with a mature rooster. I always marvel at the colors on a mature rooster pheasant!