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Newish to the group but longtime bird hunter. Opening day of dove in eastern CO was a bust and to be honest I’m scared of what I seen today for pheasant cover. So I’m looking for a bird only lease. It’s just me and my 3 year old lab Molly. I am willing to put work in and pay my fair share. If it helps, I am a 41 y/o Purple Heart recipient disabled vet so I know what respect means and how to truly appreciate the outdoors and the land I’m on.

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a friend says he enjoyed Rocky Mountain Roosters in Calhan


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Thank you for your service. I too have been in search for a upland bird lease here in Colorado for many years but have had no luck.
Not sure what your budget is or where in the state you are located but pricey is the Bluff in Byers Co.
They supplement the birds not planted. Plenty of fields with various terrains and challenging to dogs. Pheasant, quail and Chucker very close to wild behavior and flight. Not wild bird hunting but as close as you can. I have only hunted the Bluff as a quest. Good luck


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I found that i had to knock on doors for antelope. After a hard day and many "No, can't help" replies, the last two said yes. We have got 4 antelope in the last two seasons. I think it is time to try the same with pheasant. Last year was tough. This year should be about the same. Need to find some private landowners willing to let me hunt. OnXMaps worked great.