Good huntin' songs

Honky Tonk Woman (Rolling Stones). In high school a buddy who didn't hunt wanted to go with me and my dad. We decided to walk a draw and have my buddy block. Since he didn't have a gun my dad told him to be noisy to hopefully hold the birds for us. When we got close enough we could here him singing Honky Tonk Woman, and we ended up killing two roosters out of the draw. :ROFLMAO: We referenced that song on many hunts after that over the years.
Bob, how do you get the "song" to post the way your posts show? I seem to only be smart enough to get the "link" to post.....?
One of my favorites, more ducky than pheasant, but its not even about hunting even if it is a hunting song....if that makes sense.

One of my pointers is a black and white and named Betty so "Whoa Black Betty" has rocked that truck a many of times on the way to field. I picture the dogs in the back nodding along getting pumped up