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Go hunt is having a sale on lots of high dollar boots at less 20 percent. It was enough to push me over the edge on a pair of kentrek hardscrabbles. Still way over my price range but come on man 90 bucks off that’s a bargain.😂
I just popped on some Crispis today and got some knocked off by doing the Scheels visa. They just felt right the second I put them on. Hopefully they live up to their rep (and cost).
I love my Crispi boots! I have walked a lot of miles in them, over the past couple seasons, and they are well worth the $ in my opinion. I have the Idaho GTX II boots. They are a trick to walk in at first on hard gravel/pavement.
If anyone here has ever hunted NW/S-W Nebraska, do you think 16” muck boots are necessary to hunt grouse and pheasant?
Hunted sw nebraska afew years ago prior to consecutive multi year droughts. Typical 5 day hunt in early November and again in early December. Not sure why anyone would wear muck boots there when it was absolutely powder dry. Unless you want wet soggy merino socks after being encapsulated in rubber all day. Go light weight gortex non insulated.
I have 2 pairs of kenetreks and most of the guys I hunt with all have kenetreks or crispi for boots. They do take some getting used to especially if your used to wearing irish setters/danners boots like that. The kenetreks and crispi's are a mountain boot and are stiff and will take some walking to get them feeling good. I've had my first pair of kenetreks for almost 10 years and still are holding up well and don't leak. Can't say the same for my last pair of danner's, they lasted 2 months and were coming apart at the seams and leaking from walking in wet grass. In my opinion it's money very well spent!!
All research suggests that Kenetreks and Crispis are great boots but that’s a steep investment for a couple of days a year. I have a pair of Irish Setter Vapr Trek but I’m wondering if I need a second pair. I’m flying from VA for 2 days the first week of November.
I wear Whites on a daily basis. Can't beat them in my opinion. Takes around 80 hours to break'em in. Hard to get used to but once you do, you'll love them. I've hunted, fished, and hiked miles up and down in them. You measure your feet and send in info and custom built. The Smoke Jumpers are way to go. Pricey, but can be rebuilt. I've had 3 pairs in the last 15 or so years.
Having worn various hunting boots over 55 years, I prefer a box toe boot. Currently I have an upland model from Schnee's (Not Available anymore) and two pairs of Russells. More aggressive soles on the latter. I often change boots mid-day. It's nice to have options for hunting prairies and grouse woods from Sept. thru January.