Best place to get pheasant chicks that may survive wild?


You have any left Nick?

A few yes. I called you and left a message about 3-4 weeks ago to see if you wanted to go but you didn't call me back. After not hearing back from you I went out to purchase you a dozen roses but couldn't decide if your color was white or red.:laugh:


Funny how long it took for this thread to come alive? But anyhow thanks for all the replays and recommendations. I'm interested in the macfarlane but also the place in SD sounds good. I am still working toward getting birds but have run into a small problem. Since my last post on this subject I have been doing some predator control, well I knew we had red fox but not anything like what I have encountered. I have caught approx. 50 fox 2 yotes countless skunk ant a bunch of feral cats....... off of my place and my dads place just down the road, we have a serious problem. I'm starting to feel like I'm an idiot for even trying? I talked to the wildlife biologist, they preach habitat and that the birds need to overproduce predatation demands, well maybe?? I'm doing some simple math here and thinking this through here's what I got: 50 fox let's say get 1 pheasant per week each (if they were here to get) so 50x52 weeks in a year=2600 pheasants!!!!!! Hell I only have 75 acres, if I had 2600 pheasants on it people would come here from South Dakota!!!!
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LOL, don't panic. I am surprised you for one got realist advice from the DNR. Normally they feed you a line of BS and pop out the biologist chest. Telling you your wrong in some way shape or form. Varmints are an issue. But if you keep at it you can have them under control. I trap & shoot as needed here as well. You will get to a point that levels off. I would not give up your idea. I kept track one year and I caught 13 cats for every fox, coon, and skunk combined. Those wild dogs cover a pretty vast area. So expand your sets for a few years in a circle around your area. Like 10 miles. Or get the word out to some trappers about the easy picking. Maybe you can get a few in the county to start trapping your area for you too. This is why I always preach how important trappers are. Many people do not realize this. But, it's fact. If one stopped here to ask, I think I would hug him. 2nd, yes they were right about cover, you do need some. You putting that much of a dent in varmints should do nothing but help out your plan. Good luck.