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Basics in the Retriever world can involve many concepts.
When I see posts about Basics, it is typically procedures: Force-Fetch, Single-T, Double-T, Multiple Marks, Cheating Singes, Swim-By, etc.
Instead of procedures, I think of the end product:
Line Manners:
  1. Will the retriever sit quietly in the kennel with the door open, waiting for a verbal "OK" release?
  2. Will the retriever sit quietly in the holding blind with canine-to-human eye contact waiting to be released?
  3. Will the retriever heel backwards automatically when the handler steps back while headed to the line?
  4. Wlll the retriever sit quietly as the marks are thrown?
Force Fetch:
1) Will the retriever hold the bird with no chomping?
2) Will the retriever spit the bird out when commanded?
3) Will the retriever hold the bird all the way to hand after a water retrieve?
  1. Will the retriever sit quickly on the whistle with no looping sit?
  2. Will the retriever change directions with each cast after a whistle sit?
  3. Will the retriever take a cast with the bumper in his mouth?
Wagon Wheel work:
  1. Will the retriever target destinations in lining?
  2. Will the retriever stay stationary when the handler moves up to push?
  3. Will the retriever return immediately to the correct heel position with perfect spinal alignment to the next destination?
Multiple Marks:
  1. Will the retriever sit with no movement of anything except for head movement on marks?
  2. Will the retriever focus on each mark all the way to the ground until cued by the handler's silent movement to look for the next mark?
Cheating Singles:
  1. Will the retriever choose water entry to a mark?
  2. Will the retriever choose to swim by a gunner instead of a square exit at the gunner?
1)Will the retriever tread water waiting and focus on the handler the instant he hears the sit whistle? (Perfect Stall)
2) Will the retriever enter swim-by mode at any new location on return the instant the handler signals with a swim-by cast
  1. Does the retriever ignore decoys in the field?
  2. Is the retriever comfortable getting in a boat, a dog blind, a neoprene vest, and other items used in hunting?
Good thing my expectations are relatively simple/few, or I'd spend WAY too much time thinking & writing about dog training, not to mention actually doing it. I feel like I'm consumed enough by my dog, hunting, shotguns, making videos, ballistics, etc. enough already. (Wife agrees)

That said, I really enjoy hearing from you guys who really know your stuff & whose approach to dogs seems to align with mine. Regularly I'll learn something I can apply to my relationship with Ace.

Thanks for sharing!