7/8 oz 28 gauge bismuth recipe


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I am looking for a recipe for a 2 3/4 inch 28 gauge recipe for a 7/8 oz load of bismuth. Does any one have information on a load similar to Kent’s upland load. Feet per sec around 1200.
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Any particular components your trying to use up? Hodgdon has a great resource on their website that has a lot of different published loads. Or else ballistic products advantage manual has 1 or 2 if I remember right would have to double check when I get the chance
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Thanks, I haven’t reloaded in years and love my 28 gauge. With the current situation I am going to try and start again. I mostly hunt public which requires non tox and have had very good luck with the Kent bismuth I am currently using. I picked up some lil gun and some long shot powder. I want to find a load or two so I try and find the correct components. I am also going to load some 3/4 oz for targets this summer,

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I'm not a 28 ga. reloader. But I suspect it may be difficult to cram anything bigger than #6 shot into a 7/8 oz load w/ a folded crimp. Would perform pretty similar to a hard &/or plated lead #7.5. IMO about a 30-yd pheasant load, max. Maybe even less late in the season. But....BOSS claims to do it w/ larger shot. 🤷‍♂️ No idea if they're rolling 'em or folding 'em. Good luck though. Sounds like a fun project.


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A5, I am looking at doing a 7/8 oz of #6 folded. I have some Kent upland in 6s and it has worked great all year for me. I also have some Boss in 4s and 5s, both are folded. I did use some Boss fives for the second shot late this season and they seem to work. Good news was I didn’t have to use the second shot very often. I will pattern the Boss ammo this summer and see how they pattern. I understand that there aren’t a lot of 4 pellets in a 28 so the pattern might not be there. If I need to I can learn to do a roll crimp, I have done some research on it. I usually hunt alone and with a gsp, so I don’t take many long shots, but still get my share of birds.