2 shotguns


I am selling a Ugartechea model 30 12ga, double trigger, 26" choked sk/sk $350

T Wild 12ga ejector 2 3/4, 28 “ barrels , 14 ¼ LOP, 1 5/8 DAC and 2 1/8 DAH. 6 lb 4 oz. Locks up tight. I have fired low pressure 12 gauge in it recently. $900

From Roland Watson: Barrels are post 1954 and proofed twice, the last relatively recently, chambers altered to 70mm, probably why it was proofed twice. The action is much older circa 1890’s. Restocked at some point. Repair in toe of stock.

I am in Bloomington. Hoping to sell locally. Prices reflect not having to pay GB fees. Trade interests would be Canon RF lens or Canon EF full frame lenses.20240502_161147.jpg20240502_161255.jpg