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    Moisture coming….

    Some bumpy weather last night in SW ND. Didn't sound like anything too crazy. 2-3" of rain in Dickinson and around 2 in Bismarck.
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    Leaving Dogs In Vehicle

    5 hours is a pretty long hunt in ND - you'd be back to the truck around noon. Go hunt a pothole for a couple hours in the morning and/or evening and call it good. Your scenario reminded me of a story I heard a couple years ago: Pair of guys with a young shorthair went to hunt a pothole for a...
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    Dog teeth cleaning?

    Curious what it usually costs you all? Had it quoted on my lab a year or two ago and a couple places were over $400 if I remember correctly. Ended up traveling about a hundred miles to a vet friend of mine who did it for around 150.
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    Migration Vacation

    You'd probably want to be south of I94 and east of the MO river if looking to do both.
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    Migration Vacation

    Are you planning to do both waterfowl & upland?
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    ND Info

    Some advantages of surviving the -40 windchills (like today)!!
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    ND Info

    12 week season (15 if you count the september part of grouse/partridge). Try to run out after work once or twice a week + some long weekends. Not too hard when you can hunt within 20 minutes of your house.
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    ND Info

    Sharptails are pretty much anywhere in the state that has decent habitat (which is usually shorter grass/cover than pheasants like), but in my experience are tough to target by the time pheasant season opens (very flighty). Have never really hunted around the Mott/far SW area with its...
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    Scary Moment

    Curious if it was private or public land? If I remember correctly trapping isn't allowed on public land in ND until after bird season. I try to make a point of asking private landowners but I could see them not always being aware.
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    Loan your dogs to a buddy?

    I was freshly out of college and had never owned a dog and had a coworker who I hunted with who would let me take his lab hunting. He had young kids so he wasn't able to get out more than once a week so he was happy to get the dog more work. The dog was well behaved and not the type to go...
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    ND Brood Counts

    I have definitely been surprised at the amount of cover that has been hayed or mowed - there is not much habitat in the areas I've looked.
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    Moving to....

    I'm not real familiar with the particulars of that area but there are birds around there. Most would recommend going 50-100 miles west/southwest but as always, good hunting is where you find it :)
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    Pouring out here...

    Did that hail come close to you a couple days ago? Sounded like some golf ball to baseball size near Regent, Glen Ullin, Flasher, etc.
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    Rail road tracks

    If it's ND and it's not posted I probably wouldn't worry about it - not saying you won't catch heck for it though. Can't say I've ever considered walking one though just since there aren't really any in areas I hunt.
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    Decent report...

    Seeing many broods? Looks like your area had a decent shot of rain yesterday...