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    (?) for Hunters that Camp while hunting:

    I don't think it will be too bad. Have a kindle for movies and books at night. Food in the cooler, small portable stove....I'm good! Biggest requirement is coffee in the am! :)
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    (?) for Hunters that Camp while hunting:

    I just got a 4 Runner and will be using that, a sleeping bag and a plug in cooler for overnight camping so I can get to the hunting spot the night before and not have to travel for hours then get set up. I expect this to really expand my weekend range.
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    KDWPT Wildlife Commission

    So, the argument is to limit the number of non resident tags to then provide resident hunters more opportunities and removing the leasing that is happening from out of state hunters? That's fine, I have no issue there. Leasing however.....If I owned land and wanted to lease it out to a licensed...
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    Unfriendly Kansas. What's happened here?

    I live and hunt in Kansas. I always make sure to slow down when rolling into any smaller towns on the way to my hunting spots as I always see LE waiting to catch people, that's pretty standard in any small town, not just Kansas. Have had several run ins with Fish and Game Wardens, they checked...
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    Hiking with a gun

    Hit several fields last week, walked enough that my legs were on fire when I got home, did not even see a bird flush in front of a good workout though, and it was much better then sitting in the house.
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    New from Kansas

    Thank you!
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    New from Kansas

    Fantastic! Already learned quite a few things just clicking around!
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    WTB Pigeons near mhk

    Brown Dog, can you send me that contact? I'm in Wichita myself. Pup is still to young, but will be looking for birds in a bit.
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    New from Kansas

    HI All, Been hunting for years, but just found this site! Hunting out of Wichita Kansas, just picked up a pup and am starting that adventure again! Look forward to learning and sharing info! ~TA