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    Dakota trip

    Been quiet here for awhile and wanted to get some chatter going. Anyone extend their season and get out West for birds? I spent a week in ND chasing ducks with a few friends the week before pheasant opened up. Got the dogs (griffs) on some grouse when the afternoon called for it.
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    What size ruffland kennel?

    Intermediate is likely to do it but I would use height and length before weight. Once you get over 25-26 inch at the withers, intermediate might become a bit too cozy.
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    Quick Trip

    I pulled all but two and kept hunting. The last two he wouldn’t let me touch and they are still in him. Otherwise having the hemostats in the kit paid off. Vet would have had to cut for those. So he’s on antibiotics and hope they make their way out on their own.
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    Quick Trip

    Made the most of a quick trip with the dogs. While we didn’t come home with much, we did find grouse most everywhere we went, whether it was WMA, school land or private. Also had to make a trip to the vet for quills! I’ll be back with others next year.
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    And the survey says ...

    Not too far from me UplandHntr
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    And the survey says ...

    I’m at 11 hours from the locales I want to hunt. Hoping when I get there I can find some habitat holding birds.
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    Quick Trip

    Looks like I'll be making an 11 hour run West next week out to the Dakotas from IL, the Prairie State with no prairie. Its a toss up between Central ND and Fort Pierre NG. Both take the same amount of travel time. Ive never been to either and would like to get my griffs, especially the puppy...
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    First trip with young griffon

    This fall in contemplating a short trip for pheasants with my griffon pup, with SW MN being one of my possible destinations. I'd like to get her on some wild birds and just let her have fun learning how to hunt some skittish fowl. As if right now the plan is to be up there the Monday following...
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    Releasing birds

    What are the Illinois regulations on releasing game birds for hunting? I know some that just let them go and others adhere is licensing and permits. What is legal?
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    IL griffon greenhorn

    Hello all! I'm happy to have found this place. I looked around for a few days before I decided, what the hell, just join. I live in northern Illinois and recently welcomed home by first bird dog, a female griffon. Shes about 16 weeks now and growing fast and I'm hoping to get her on some...
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    Public dog training

    I have a young Griffon I'd like to get out in some prairie and CRP to get her nose on new scent. It seems that nearly all public land, whether it's DNR, forest preserves or city parks, has leash laws. I found an area at Rock Cut SP and a Winnebago County FP that have dog training areas. Are...