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    Deciding on breed

    I would look at a Vizsla or maybe a Braque. Both are shorthaired pointers that will retrieve. Some vizslas can get pretty crazy when they are young due to high energy but they are great with people and do well in the heat.
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    Getting Ready...

    Not doing Iron Mans that is definitely too much time for me. With kids stuff and work I am lucky I can get this in. I just do the Olympic distance stuff. Usually a one mile swim, 25 mile bike and 6.2 mi run. Remy that garden is awesome. I bet weeding that thing would really suck in a wet year.
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    Getting Ready...

    I got into triathlons a few years back for something to do to keep myself in shape. Between the swimming, biking and running it does the trick. Being that race season is in the summer I am pretty good shape come fall. I saw 4 pheasants this weekend on my bike ride. Two flew out of the ditch...
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    A few pictures of this last season!! I can't wait until next!

    Hunted WA for 4 years saying the Snake and Malheur River is like saying eastern South Dakota. That is some big country out there. I miss it.
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    Spring bird numbers

    What are people seeing for the bird numbers that made it through the winter? It should have been pretty easy on them as far as the snow was concerned. I haven't had a chance to get out and about much just wondering what people are seeing.
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    Spaying female bird dogs

    I have had two spayed females. I didn't see any change in either of them. I hunted my Vizsla last winter at 14.5 yo and shot my limit. She has slowed but its because she's old.
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    Anyone adding a dog this year?

    I will have this one in the field this fall. She's a Braque Francais out of High Ridge Gundogs. She's already a lot bigger.
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    Kent ultimate ammo

    I love Kent. I would rather shoot their fast lead than the prairie storm. Especially at the price.
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    2021 Season

    Ditto on this one. I have tried it when it gets close to zero because cold hands are no fun and it works. Same for feet if you ever have cold feet put a heat back in your sock on your ankle where the skin is thinner and it pumps warm blood to your toes. For hands underside of wrist. It could...
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    2021 Season

    Jackrabbit, I guess the one thing you can say is you saw some birds this year. I don't know what happened to my shooting this year, but it was the worst it has been in at least 5 years. There were several shots that I took where I didn't understand why the bird didn't fall. Then the others...
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    2021 Season

    This will probably be my last hunt of 2021. Due to work and other family stuff. I wanted to make sure I got my old girl out one last time and this will most likely be it for her hunting excursions. She is 14 but still loves it. Went out for a quick 2 hrs and saw well over 40 birds. The wind...
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    2021 Season

    Went out on Saturday. I didn't have a ton of time because of coaching requirements later in the afternoon. The first three spots I was looking at all had hunters. Fourth was a charm. Got out and didn't see anything most of the walk. It was a mix of cattails, wooded areas, and grass...
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    Looking for a new bird dog

    I second the Braque Francais. Mine is 3 yo. She has amazing instincts in the field. From day one she has had a high prey drive and nice point. She loves the water and is an average retriever. Big motor in the field but super lazy in the house. She can be kind of a knuckle head at times and...
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    The issue with the haying is that like Dakotazeb stated its not going to be where it needed by June and the large amount of cover especially cattails is going to affect the over winter success of the birds. I get the haying of CRP but it doesn't make sense to allow so much state land to be...
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    South Dakota

    Most years I would agree that SD is better than MN. From what I have seen in MN versus what I just saw this past week/weekend in SD I would not agree. Maybe not in Mower County but other parts of the state are going to be better. Talking to locals in the spot I hunted in SD and seeing first...