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    New Hunter

    No exercises can be completed immediately. To train a true hunting dog, you still need to teach your dog the basics. Exercises of walking, standing, lying, sitting, picking up ... will build a link between the dog and the owner. Dogs learn to listen to commands and obey orders.
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    What size shot???

    good luck
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    Headed to Kansas

    Kimmel found the python in a canal to the south in the Alligator Valley. The python hunter, who signed a python contract with the South Florida Water Management Department, said he caught the python in the Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area earlier this week.
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    dog catches a pheasant

    Poodle or Poodle was known about 400 years ago in Europe, until the 18th century they became "pets" of families with small appearance, lovely and extremely easy to care for. "Poodle" is the name of the German word "Pudel" meaning "diver" or "dog fetch water". This dog is famous for its...