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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Thank you. She does make a picture, pretty.
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Alice, the Braque.
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    Other birds?

    Lol that’s funny, a bird is a bird to a dog.
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    Other birds?

    Does anyone here use your dogs to hunt other species? I take mine to dove hunt and thinking about trying woodduck, and maybe grouse this year.
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    Wild Pheasants in Centre County?

    That’s about 2 hrs away for me, what kind of help are you needing?
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    R U Ready

    I find the more skin you can keep on the bird while roasting, baking, air frying the better.
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    R U Ready

    Had a great time, was more focused on setting up a friends daughter to bag her first pheasant, and she did. Dog work was a crap show but I was expecting it due to my lack of training but, no worries that will just get better over time. Now the season started, What’s your fav phez recipes...
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    Locating Wild Pheasants

    Very interesting.
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    Pheasant stocking program in Western Penn. Where are the birds?

    Sounds great, good luck
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    Pheasant stocking program in Western Penn. Where are the birds?

    In my experience, does seem to be a couple of odd past couple of years ( from what I’ve been use to)
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    2020 Pheasant Forecast!

    Good luck everyone, chomping at the bit here.
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    Alice the Braque d’Auvergne

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    Pen raised birds

    Good day, could any of you direct me to someone that sells pen raised game birds for dog training, perhaps in the south central Pennsylvania area.
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    Cold weather safety/warm dog vest question.

    Hi all, I was curious as to which winter dog vest people here use for short hair ( not labs ) dogs. I’ve hunted with labs for years, taking granted that my labs love swimming or being out doors in ANY weather. I recently added a pointer in the mix, her breed is from a dry arid warmer climate...
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    Youth hunting clothing

    I recently had a friends daughter tagging along with us on hunts, I noticed she was having troubles with stickers and wet vegetation, I asked her father why she doesn’t at least have a pair of brush pants/chaps. He replied he has major issues finding any clothing in her size ( small/slim ). Just...