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    Downsized Vehicle

    Thomas and I came out one year in his Toyota Rav4. We had everything we needed, one large and one small kennel plus so all our gear. The new Chevy Blazer is sharp. Have you looked at the new Bronco's? You looking at new or used? My wife has a Subaru Crosstrex which I think would work well...
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    Favorite Habitat to Hunt

    I like to hunt dog hair thick Aspen stands, living in northern michigan that is where our game birds are, grouse and woodcock. When out west I like any habitat other than brome fields. I like habitat where you can work towards pinch points that might get a rooster to hold rather than to the...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    My wife and I both had covid during Turkey day and xmas holidays and we both got our shots in Feb and March. I would say we both had more side effects following the first shot then the second. I too had heard the second shot was worse, but for us that wasn't the case. I did participate in the...
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    EVs for hunting?

    I'm sure every state will work that tax in either at the charging stations, but not sure how that would work when charging at home. I dont think the self reporting would be that effective. Michigan we have to self report to our on line purchases so the state can capture sales/use tax. Of...
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    Vehicle Purchase

    It would work with Ram trucks as well.
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    New member

    Weather can be highly unpredictable, this year the Monday before I went out it was -6 in the morning and the following Monday was hitting 70's, so pick a window and hope for the best, becomes a weather watching situation. I'm sure you know that SD license if limited to 2 five day hunting...
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    Vehicle Purchase

    I've had everything and think the crew cab pickup is the best way to go for both the family need and hunting. You still get crew cans with 6.5ft beds but the shorter with a cap you can haul anything you want plus the family. Hunting wise if you have a pickup and a skunked dog on a hunting trip...
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    One stat that would be interesting to see

    Michigan averages about 22,000 a year.
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    SD Open Fields Doctrine soon to be gone.

    We have similar legislation being proposed in Michigan as well, must have been a topic at a national meeting. would be interesting to see if other states are seeing the same thing and who is introducing the bills.
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    Question for anyone who has ever bought a pup from a breeder

    Joel, Glad I could help. Wish you bred Brittany'
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    Question for anyone who has ever bought a pup from a breeder

    Joel, I have began the search for a new Brittany Breeder so I will give you my 2 cents. 1 - I look at their website as whole, do the parents have bios and pedigrees easily accessible, are there pictures of puppies other than just in the kennel or nursing. Does the website talk about their...
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    The Breeder Search is on!

    Looking for some help with Brittany Breeders. The gentlemen I got 4 brittany's from has retired and I'm starting the search for a new breeder. I have been in contact with a couple so far but wanted to solicit input from the forum participants as well. Don't bother with different breeds only...
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    What's the weather like where you are?

    Hi Monday is only 9, we have been in the deep freeze.
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    Season Wrap Up

    sjohn, I graduated from Clemson in 95 with my Masters Degree. My doodle season ends in early november. I almost pulled to trigger to visit a friend at Pawley island to hunt some doodles during a long weekend in January but was unable. They are such great little birds to chase!