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    26" Barrel for New Browning A5 Sweet 16

    That’s a lot cheaper than I expected it to be. Thank you for the information!
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    26" Barrel for New Browning A5 Sweet 16

    If you don’t mind me asking, what did Briley’s charge you for the work?
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    26" Barrel for New Browning A5 Sweet 16

    I’ve tried calling the dealers in my area, and so far no luck. I emailed customer service at Browning, but have not received a response yet.
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    26" Barrel for New Browning A5 Sweet 16

    I agree on the old Belgian made guns. I have a Belgian made Light 12, and wouldn't think about having it modified. However, as mentioned in the original post, this is a new Model A5 Sweet 16.
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    26" Barrel for New Browning A5 Sweet 16

    I purchased one of the new Browning A5 Sweet 16 shotguns a few years back and absolutely love it, but there's one problem. The only one I could find had the 28" barrel. When you combine that barrel length with the length of the receiver, the gun is so long that it will not fit in the gun boots...
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    I bought a Browning Silver Hunter 12 gauge with a 26” barrel a few years ago, and it has never failed me. It has a 3” chamber, but I’ve never shot anything but 2 and 3/4” shells in it. Here’s the thing, it always shoots any and everything I feed it from an ammo standpoint and never fails to...
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    I won’t be hunting the Kansas opener this year. We’re leaving Texas on Saturday for SD and will be up there hunting for a week. On the trip home, we’re going to take a side route and look some country over. If it appears promising, we’ll go back and hunt in Kansas after Thanksgiving...
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    Lodging/hunting available for up to 8 people South Dakota

    We’re hunting a new place near Presho this year, with similar accommodations and hunting like you’re offering. If it ends up not being what we’re wanting, I may contact you about available dates for fall 2023.
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    Belgium Browning 20 Gauge

    NICE! When I saw the title, I was really hoping it was an A5. Remind me of what the “opening” is for on the offside of the receiver.
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    Cuga vest

    I've got two of them and highly recommend them. They're tough and fit dogs really well. I use them on my pointers when it's extremely cold or to protect the underline on a bitch that has just weaned pups.
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    2 dog collar system

    I have a Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 70 that I've been using for 5-6 years. I run 5 collars off of the one controller and it always works flawlessly. I highly recommend this unit if you're needing to run multiple e-collars.
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    Texas quail & pheasants 2021-22

    Quail numbers in the Rolling Plains, west Texas, and the panhandle were low, again, so I mainly worked dogs and took very few quail. Quail numbers in Deep South Texas were really good, but access to places to hunt is extremely limited down there due to nearly all land tied up in high dollar...
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    A few pictures of this last season!! I can't wait until next!

    Thank you for letting us know the state you hunt in! I've already looked, and it's a little too far for me to hauling dogs to Oregon to bird hunt. You won't have to worry about any competition from me for Oregon upland birds.
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    Bad News Knee - Now the Good News!

    I went back to my doctor today and he removed the bandage from the arthroscopic surgery. They told me to keep using one crutch for a couple of days, just for balance. They did not assign me to rehab/physical therapy, but instead gave me some exercises to do at home (hallelujah). The knee...
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    A few pictures of this last season!! I can't wait until next!

    Those pictures are awesome! I’m also curious where those mixed bags of birds came from. Our quail and pheasant hunting in Texas has been less than average the last few years. Now that I’m retired “have dogs will travel” has become my motto.