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    It Looks Grim

    When am I meeting you in Iowa -- Have 2 setters ready to go - they have not seen enough roosters since I've been focusing on quail mainly. You want someone to go I'm game. Been a long time since I've had a good pheasant hunt. Those are hard to come by in my usual haunts anymore.
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    It Looks Grim

    You Cheesy and myself are probably about the same age -- What has changed is roundup ready crops, lack of eco/biodiversity and a switch for a lot to beans/corn rotation - limited milo - no dirty wheat fields, loss of CRP etc. We also fail to take into account that we have the Deertards who all...
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    It Looks Grim

    I'm guessing he's from Colorado - if so that explains a lot. A lot of disparaging comments about people who live here. We probably have more in common than he thinks - most of us realize the Big Ag system is broken - I probably disagree with him about what has caused climate change but...
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    It Looks Grim

    Insert eye roll - this is far from the truth - KS Residents have been against these policies for years - The KDWP Secretary is a governor appointment and everyone from Dems to Repubs have appointed garbage to lead the dept going back to the late 90s. The Wildlife commission who also set some...
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    It Looks Grim

    That's 100% truth -- Ken Corbett is my state rep and I can't stand him. His place isn't far from where I live I believe.
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    Recommendations for you who like to drink deeply of good books

    American Buffalo - Steven Rinella Great read. -- More Modern author. Hunting and Trading on the Great Plains -- JR Mead Amazing read - JR Mead was one of the founders of Wichita -- deals a lot with trading on the KS Plains. (This book was MUCH cheaper a few years ago -- I think people have...
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    NEWS FLASH: Drought ends at Ponderosa

    There is too many variables for us to all comprehend it - yet others tell us cows farting, burning your fireplace etc are causing "Global" warming and they should tax us. We look at things only our small human brains can comprehend in small increments of time such as a year, decade, or our...
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    NEWS FLASH: Drought ends at Ponderosa

    I agree the current system is broken - but the way you are saying you - sounds like a mouthpiece for the New Green deal or something. Nothing will change with the greed we have and the fact big food/chemical companies control the food supply and production of it - they've backed farmers into...
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    Advice needed NW KS

    Leave it alone - your parcels are so small it's just a place for them to hang out depending on the time of day. If you are from NW or Western KS - you know they like small patches of overgrown weedy cover. Keeping your sprayer away and letting it be would be great. Listen to Troy on the...
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    Ticks Are GROSS!!!

    I dont think so -- I never dove deep into how you get infected -- just a little bit - but I believe the bacteria are transferred via the ticks saliva -- What can help transmission supposedly is what I have done more than once on one that had a firm hold on me -- use rubbing alcohol or something...
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    Ticks Are GROSS!!!

    Drs are all full of shit -- I got lyme and it messed me up for 2-3 years until I went out of state to seek treatment and find an infectious disease Doc to help me in Missouri. Dont even get me started on the 99% stuck up know it alls --- Most physicians are worthless. I got to a point I didnt...
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    Kansas Run

    2011-2012 -- tailed a bit into 2013 if I recall. But 2011 and 2012 were horrible. Western KS looked like the moon - only places that got rain was far NW KS and SW Nebraska those 2 years if I recall. Got up in the one hundred teens for a high in Wichita during the summer of 2011 or 2012.
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    Relaying a story of something I witnessed on Saturday which was F'n awesome -- as a 42 yr old man there are very few things I thought could make me like a giddy school boy again but Saturday mid day it did. For any of you KS guys familiar with the turnpike between Wichita/Emporia there's a stop...
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    When do we start the push for change?

    I've used the term dirthead I believe -- not all are that way - I've never been able to tour Mikes farm and would love to, to see his management practices which I'd guess are far different than most and wildlife friendly. He finds a way to make a profit and work with mother nature I'd assume...
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    SKB SxS 20 Gauge Shotguns

    If you had model 385 or 485 for sale I'd have bought them all. 100s are fixed chokes I'm thinking and ugly - plain? (my opinion)