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    Tips for novice pheasant hunter on season

    You didn't mention if you figured out HOW you were missing. Best blanket suggestion I can make is to practice (at home,( gun unloaded) holding your shot gun at waist level, then bring it up, fit it to your shoulder, and swing as if following a bird. Take your time, get the moves you want settled...
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    A Little Bling

    I'm trying to imagine the amount of time, travel, labor, and expense it took to earn the awards. Congratulations, my take on this is that you worked your butt off campaigning him.
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    Help with fine tuning

    I've talked about "kitchen training" before. Not a big deal. lock yourself and the dog in the kitchen, get a frozen quail or pheasant wing, toss it out and command fetch. praise extravgantly and repeat, keep on until he's bored, then do it some more, correcting him verbally and put the bird/wing...
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    Pheasant season isn’t looking too good for me now.

    The saga continues,,, just got back from the optometrist's and no glasses. Dr. said the diabetes 2 had accelerated the growth of tiny cataracts and I now need surgery in both eyes.. This is not fun. Be careful out there.
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    People have had every breed and mixture of breeds out helping them hunt for centuries. Let him walk along with you and explore and learn scents and conditions, then see whether he'd sort of point, or just rush to flush. Either way, there's hunting genes in his ancestry, you may awaken them...
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    Dogs face

    Young Bert, one of my most memorable wirehairs became mine when he was about 2.5 years old. He was so enthusiastic to be out, running free and hunting, that the first two years by the second day of season, he'd have two half-moons of raw skin under his eyes until he finally learned to go around...
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    Pheasant season isn’t looking too good for me now.

    Not so much dinged up as paying the price of a old bachelor's diet for 40+ years. I was always fatigued last season and ended up the 6 or 7 trips out 1/3 to 1/2 of the usual forays. Legs were drained of strength; lots of lassitude through out the day. I'm old, so I figured it was age-related...
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    Pheasant season isn’t looking too good for me now.

    My condolences, I've got a similar issue, but still hope things will improve enough to go out a bit. Amazing how big a thing can be when you can't do it, isn't it? Hang in there.
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    I lost her too soon

    It won't help much right now, but you will come to see her as a gift from life that visited with you for a whlel. My condolences.
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    New upland shotgun?

    OP.... I'm old. In 1970 I finally found the gun I have used continually for over 50 years. A sxs improved cylinder/modified, 3 inch, 20 ga AYA. I started looking after shootin a friend's L.C. Smith 20ga, which he inherited from his grandfather. I couldn't afford an L C, but what I did find...
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    Have you sold timber off your land?

    Only thing I can contribute is to get some sort of guarantee that the harvesting will be cleaned up afterwards. I've seen sites where who ever did the cutting left limbs, debris, and enormous gouges in the earth from their equipment. Used to be some foresters who used mule teams on harness to...
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    Prairie Grouse Season

    Be safe
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    Pup going to training for a month

    Scott? Relax. Get your dog back, let it settle in to your household, figure out the pack structure, and then just play fetch...with no screams, shouts, or discipline. Make it a game. Then make it a game with a treat reward. Then make it a game where the Pack Leader (that's you) get crazy...
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    Waiting is . . .

    I'm pretty sure they don't work at all, but why not get a rooster call and practice variations to lure the wild birds to you? Try "seductive" and pleasepleaseplease put it on Youtube. Relax, it will happen and you will do well.
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    Oh good God, PF

    They will be embarrassed.