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    It Looks Grim

    Traveled through Western Kansas on my way to Colorado last week and I agree that it looks terrible. Man, what'd I'd give to have 2008 back, didn't know how good we had it till it's gone!
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    eyeballing pheasants on my Saturday evening drive

    Married a farm girl from Western Kansas and got into pheasant hunting (22 years ago). I would time our trips out to see her parents so we were driving at peak pheasant movement times. I would spend the 4 1/2 hour drive with my eyes peeled to see how many I could see on the way out and back...
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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Husker, thanks for taking time to respond. Some very good points you make. I too love Western Kansas (especially when the bird numbers were good) but my wife grew up in SW Kansas and I could never talk her into moving back out West. Bird dogs and pheasant hunting used to be my passion, still...
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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Ya, I do love SD! However, don't think I can convince my better half.
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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update. So, I pitched the idea to the wife and she is all onboard! We've been researching communities, it's been a lot of fun. Last weekend we went to Clinton lake (never been there) and that place is awesome! Beautiful lake, good fishing, nice community...
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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I teach/coach so when covid hit we had plenty of time to try different lakes & reservoirs. I fished Elk City and Wilson for the first time and loved both places. Both are nice lakes and wouldn't mind living around either one. Another area that has caught my...
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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Just got done reading a thread on Bowsite titled "Moved for better hunting opps". Any of you Kansas guys change communities for better fishing and hunting opps? My wife and I are in our mid 40's and live in Mulvane. Our kids will be out of the house in 5 years and we will be looking to...
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    When do we start the push for change?

    I agree. No matter how bad Kansas gets, it's still not as bad as other States.
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    A Tradition

    Well that is a wrap on the 2022 season. Two buddies and I hunted out around Dodge today and not 50 yards from the truck in the first field we harvested a rooster and shortly thereafter another flushed wild, we thought okay, good start. Well, it all went downhill from there. Hunted till 2:30...
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    Kansas Run

    I would agree that it's down 25 to 40 percent. This season has been my worst season in 25 years of chasing birds. I try to get out every weekend for day trips, usually try different areas and none have been very good. Used to see 75-100 pheasants a day on average, now seeing 25-30 is good...
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    Roosters,Ruger and Brittany’s

    Nice photo and I like the looks of your box. In the market for a new one for myself. You happy with that one?
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    Trying to get my nephew a bird

    I agree with Miforester!
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    When do we start the push for change?

    Lol, if you asked me that I'd punch you right in the nose! I shoot small eights and proud of every one of them. Ain't always about killing big deer, the more time I spend deer hunting, the less time I get to bird hunt.
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    Trying to get my nephew a bird

    Buy some birds and plant them for him, you don't have to tell him their planted birds either if you don't want to. Did that last year for my 12 year old and he had a blast, planning on doing it again this year after Christmas.
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    Heading to Kansas

    Blows my mind how blaze orange isn't required. There's been a time or two when hunting public that I've gotten pretty close to someone not knowing they were there cause they didn't have a lick or orange on.