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    Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks….not tourism

    yes, the great American desert is expanding, will be lucky to grow wheat if anything at all.
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    Rader lodge

    i would run your ass off if you offered me old mil!
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    talked to a group of 12 guys who shot their limit 3 days in a row.
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    SD here I come

    was debating, but decided to go anyway, my gwp didn't want to wait for the Iowa opener. sounds like mud, mud and mud. temps in the 60's, not the best but typical opener weather. hope to bang a few over the first 5 days. good luck to all.
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    South Dakota

    just bear in mind most all private land is gonna cost you some big bucks. hunt enough public and you should see enough birds to stay interested.
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    2021 Outlook

    much needed subsoil moisture for next year, it will eventually dry up on top, bring it.
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    Pheasant Opener - Tomorrow

    not much internet scouting goes on here, enjoy your trip.
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    Kansas' biggest problem, now, is all the CRP contracts that have expired and emergency haying. it will be really evident next season. they lost over a million acres over past year. i won't be back.
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    Hayed Fields

    the promise of good NE walk in is a false one. very little of the ground can support upland bird populations. when they hay it they put the screws to hunters, what's left is crap. they advertise a great story, but it is simply advertising. i know, i hunted the ground the past 3-4 years, not...
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    Emergency haying.

    sorry, my point was most places that they were able to cut this fall, will probably fill back in with water next spring, with a normal or wet fall/winter/spring. those clearings are usually only temporary over time.
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    And the survey says ...

    wish i was only 30 miles from SD, i spend more time just getting there than actual hunting, you are fortunate. being able to scout ahead of season helps a lot too, takes a lot of prep time, i usually only get time for a half day of scouting before hunt days. just part of the deal when you live...
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    And the survey says ...

    yes, i think most of us know better. and last year was far from spectacular.
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    UPH Hunt in South Dakota

    Hi Zeb- i might be interested, can come up any time. usually hunt by myself or with just 3-4 guys keep us posted, please. TY
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    Emergency haying.

    anyone clearing cattails is going to be on dry ground, hard to bail them when laying in mud/water.
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    Relocation opportunity

    Pierre hands down. NE and KS. are poor upland choices, fishing not much either. NE and KS you will pay state income tax, bad deal!