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    Lost my private ground

    If I lost my place to hunt I would call some local places I have stayed or frequented and start there. Years ago we got on a great piece of land in Eastern SD by just asking the question to a waitress where we dined. She was tipped well for the lead. At the time we were knocking on doors and...
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    Silver Springs Dove Hunting

    I have not but has a few friends in Southern IL say a lot of the birds pushed out with the cool evenings. They did shoot about 30 between 4 guys opening day.
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    Pheasant count doesn’t look promising

    Ducks can also relocate to better areas to find more water and better nesting cover.
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    Bird sightings

    Cover looks great in SE IL. Been seeing several pairs of quail, haven't seen a brood yet.
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    How is the weather in SD impacting the birds?
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    Great bird. My buddy and I flushed one similar years ago by De Smet. We didn't shoot as we were both wondering what we just witnessed. It got up with multiple birds. Hunted same are next day trying to find that bird but never saw again.
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    Hunt Clubs in IL

    I think finding a club that offers all 3 will be very tough and also depends on your budget. You may want to look for a piece of land to lease directly from a land owner. Further from the population you get the better on price. I live in SE IL and land leases for $15 to $30/acre down here...
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    Late Season Advice/Conditions

    Oh and agree do not trust ice. We had to leave 1 bird the dog could not get to as the ice broke and we called the dog off.
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    Late Season Advice/Conditions

    We just came back Sunday and hunted further west than Chamberlain. We saw a couple other groups of bird hunters but not many. Our group all agreed bird numbers were up compared to 2019 in the areas we hunt.
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    Weather Impact on Birds - Advice ?

    I prefer those temps and winds as the birds typically hold a little better. I hunt heavy grass and cattails by food sources. Not that you wont find them without much food around if cover is good just may be in small numbers. Shelter belts that block the wind near food are also a great place...
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    Thanksgiving Day/Extended weekend hunting results

    Good to hear hunters are doing well in IA. We used to hunt there a couple times a year when they had more CRP and higher bird numbers.
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    Wish I knew it then

    When you yell out each bird you scare many more away! Pheasants hear 10 times better than us. If you ever block for guys that talk you will see birds hundreds of yards ahead of them running out of the cover.
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    Bird sightings

    Worked new pup on a couple fence rows and found to coveys of quail. Always great to see healthy coveys.
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    Yellow Lab Male for Stud

    Thanks for the info Chestle.
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    Yellow Lab Male for Stud

    Completely understood and I am on same page. Maybe I should not assume, but I did that anybody contacting me would be very selective as I will be. I am not looking for just a mate if I were I would not be on here posting. I can find 100 labs in my town to breed with. My yellow male has...