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    Paxono Boat Ramp

    Does Anyone know if they stock the fields over by the Paxono Boat Ramp down past Millbrook? Took a drive out there Sunday Afternoon just to see if it was standing crop or not, but wasn't sure how to even access the fields since their was a locked gate and no parking signs all along the road...
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    Pheasant Season Opener!

    Beyond excited for Opening day here in NJ tomorrow morning! Ill be out and about in the Northern NJ area tomorrow with my GSP June! Good luck to everyone going out, have fun, and make sure you see that sky before those shells fly! No bird is worth your dogs safety!!
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    Delaware Recreational Pheasant Hunting

    Hey Everyone! New to this channel, but wanted to give it a try as I recently started Hunting with my GSP June last year for the first time and man did she get me hooked. Personally, there is not greater feeling then being out in the fields with the dog. I wanted to post on here to see if I...